Redefining Onsite Events Through Creative F&B

Whether it’s budget that is holding you back from creating a memorable event, or you have limited time to make a big impact on your attendees, look to enhancing your onsite event with a creative food and beverage program.

Below are some innovative ways to keep your attendees engaged, even if you’re forced to stay onsite.

  • Oyster Shucker – Already having made their way into 10 popular destinations in North America, Oysters XO can quickly add a little flare to your event. Oyster shuckers roam the party, individually shucking and preparing your oyster to your liking.
  • Elevated Food (literally) – Oftentimes presentation is key to elevating the experience, and in this case, actually elevating (or hanging) food items can make a big impact visually. Consider rows of maple-cured bacon or donuts.
  • Customize Drinks / Menu Items – Creating your own names for your F&B can add depth to your adherance to the event theme you’ve created, and printing your own menu descriptions is quite cost-effective
  • Switch Evening to Morning – If networking is a key component to the meeting, but time is limited, consider switching your evening networking event to a breakfast. Create a custom tea bar, add creative coffee options, and repurpose the bacon/donut idea to fit the event time.

More ways to save…

  • Wine/Beer Tasting Stations – Save on beverage costs by offering “pours” instead of full glasses
  • Food Truck Social – If the venue allows for it, take your event to the streets by finding lesser-known food trucks. They’re often happy for the business if it’s an off-night
  • Dessert Sizing – Consider smaller dessert options. Attendees are rarely looking for more than a couple of bites
  • Grown-Up Lunch Box – Keep an eye on over-ordering by creating elevated lunch boxes filled with healthy and sizeable, yet manageable, portions.

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